The TP90 is a pickup that I developed a long time ago as a drop in replacement for standard T-style bridge pickups. Borrowing the magnet arrangement

from P90 pickups, the TP90 is fitted with stnadard humbucker/P90 pole screws and the coil sized appropriately to get as close as can be reasonably

acheived in this format to a P90 tone.

DC resistance as standard is 7.8k but it is possible to produce higher output versions from the

same base construction. Coil taps can be also included, I usually add a boost coil section to the

main coil which produces a thicker sound with a moderate lift in output.

Fitted with either shielded or individual cloth covered connection leads.

A neck version is available (TP90-N)
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FAT MOGGY Squeezing a P90 into a humbucker case isnít paticularly easy and it requires making a special bobbin to achieve a voicing as close to a true P90 as possible. Other than that, everything internally is what you would find in a soapbar P90.  Available in 50mm spacing and a variety of winding and magnet options. Chrome, nickel, gold, plastic or open frame style covers are avaialble.

P90 Pickups,