MODEL S  Model S can be can be wound for jangle to driving blues and anything in between. In fact if you consider the variation in specification from the early hand wound pickups through to the modern machine wound versions there is a fair range of values:   1954 / 55		6.82k 1956 / 57		6.0k 1958 / 1960		6.2k 1961 / 62		6.2k 1963 / 64		6.3k 1965 / 67		6.8k  Prior to 1965, this type of pickup was hand wound.  Hand winding really is the best approach for this style of pickup creating a clarity and detailed tone that is rarely achieved when machine wound. I generally produce Model S with flat (non staggered) poles) as this seems to work well with modern string gauges however either traditional stagger or customised staggers are availble. All magnets are taped to prevent shorting to the coil and I fit thicker lead wires between the actual coils and eyelets instead of soldering the coil wire directly which is easily damaged and a common cause of failed pickups.  The picture shows a set of three with a steel plate fitted to the underside of the bridge pickup. The plate can be fitted to modify the tone slightly  (more lows) or to produce the Tele voiced Stelley pickup which features a hotter winding