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Left, a 3+3 minihumbucker
Casino style pickup with nickel silver cover
Sidewinder humbucker in P90 soapbar format
“S” style pickup in a minihumbucker case
Above, a selection of Lap steel guitar pickups. Soapbar style 8 string to the left, middle is a “T” style 8 string pickup and to the right a T-Bucker in 8 string format.
Replacement for a Grabber bass pickup, dimensionally correct drop in replacement. This matched the original specification but obviously, other pickups can be fitted under the same hand made cover.
Above, a pair of Hofner pickups with broken air coils. These were re-wound to the original specifications.
Another Hofner, this time a bass pickup, later re-wound to the original specification. The six string variants are pretty  much the same internally.
This is just a (very) small selection of some of the pickups that I have been involved with over the years.There is usually a solution to most enquiries that I receive, so please ask.