Catswhisker pickups

Drop in replacement pickups for T-Style guitars all with a certain transparency that lets the unique tone of the guitar shine through.

The basic products are the Model T (for bridge) and the model T/N (for neck).  Model T is wound to a DC resistance of 7.6k as standard with Alnico 5 rod magnets and a copper plated steel base plate.  Model T/N is wound to 7.2k and is available with nickel silver or chrome covers.

Vintage style cloth covered push back wire is optional for both pickups - it doesn’t affect the tone whatsoever.

If you intend to use the neck pickup with a 4 way selector switch for series and parallel operation with the bridge pickup,  I can fit a separate ground lead to Model T/N for you.


A variation upon the neck pickup arrangement is Model T/NO which features a black forbon bobbin top made to the external dimensions oft the standard cover (you cannot therefor fit a cover to this).  The extra space under the bobbin top allows me to increase the wire gauge and produce a lower impedance pickup (6.5k) with a consequently brighter, more open tone.  No modification to the rout or scratchplate is required.

T BuckerThe T-Bucker is an innovative pickup that provides hum cancellation and retains the twang.  Stacked humbucker are an aquired taste, usually lacking tonally due to their high impedance.  The T-Bucker utilises two side by side coils, one for the EAD strings, one for the GBE strings each coil with three Alnico 5 rod magnets. It is important to note that these pickups are handed - for left or right handed guitars, so please point out your requirement when ordering. I generally supply these with a two core shielded cable which will allow phase reversal to match other manufacturers neck pickups.  Four core cable is an option - a few people have asked for it, which allows parallel or series humbucking operation.

The TP90 is a pickup that I have been making exclusively for some time now. Screw poles and TP90slim bar magnets replace the traditional slug magnets and the split steel base plate helps to spread the magnetic field for a thicker tone.  DC resistance as standard is 7.8k and coil tapped versions with a switchable extra section of coil are also available - you just need to replace your tone or volume pot with a push/pull version.

Also available as a neck pickup with an enlarged bobbin top that will fit through standard scratch plates and two conductor shielded cable for phase reversal if desired.

I can also offer full size Wide Range style humbuckers , either Catswhisker originals in plain covers or converted Fender RI originals. The pictures below show a Catswhisker plain covered wide range pickup to the left and a converted Fender re-issue pickup to the right.  Both pickups feature specially machined bobbins, threaded FeCrCo poles, steel reflector plate and hand wound coils.


For the conversion process, all that you need to do is send me your Fender RI pickup and I will remove the bobbins, bar magnet and pole screws then rebuild the pickup with Catswhisker replacement parts. Cosmetically, the finished pickup looks like the original Wide Range / Thinline humbucker however the tone is vastly improved.  The same Catswhisker replacement parts are available under a Jazzmaster style pickup cover for the same tone - see the Specials page.

Wide Range Humbucker Conversion SPECIALS

Model T

Model T/N

Model T/NO