Catswhisker pickups

Catswhisker pickups are custom made to order.  My core range of pickups is based upon the

more common formats and specifications from which I can offer customised variants to suit

your requirements.

Beyond the more traditional formats, I also manufacture entirely bespoke pickups which can

be tailored to fit your instrument or if something more exotic is required, assist you with

tweaking the design of your instrument to accommodate the pickups. All bespoke Catswhisker

pickups are designed on CAD software which takes a lot of the pain out of manufacturing

both one offs and repeat orders.

It is worth pointing out that the use of quality components is also a key factor in creating good tone both quantifiably and consistently and all of the proprietry components used in the manufacture of Catswhisker Pickups are the same as those found in the majority of “Boutique” pickups.

Lets also acknowledge that a good valve amp, a good quality lead and an individual style and playing technique are major contributors to tone, but a good sounding pickup gives you a great foundation to build from.

It would be a fair task to incorporate every type of pickup that I have made so I have posted

a representative selection drawn from the last fifteen years, however if you don’t see what you are looking for please ask.

Good tone doesn’t have to cost a fortune.