Catswhisker pickups

P bass PickupTwo familiar styles of pickup are the foundations for the majority of Bass pickups that I produce - “P” and “J” . P Bass pickups are naturally hum cancelling and I can also offer hum cancelling J Bass pickups as partJ bass Pickups of the product range - these have a side by side coil coil arrangement. All feature Alnico slug magnets, hand made forbon bobbins and are available with vintage style cloth covered push back wire as an option. Various winding options are avalable for little or no variation in cost.

J bass humbucker setTo the left are two humbucking J bass pickups, the twin version has four separate bobbins under the forbon top, all again hand machined.

Soapbar Bass Pickups

I have made numerous soapbar style bass pickups and subject to the styles of cover available, they are available in a fair range of styles and sizes.

I also produce some of the less common bass pickups out there on occasion such as theEB3 Neck EB style neck and bridge pickups.

EB3 Bridge PickupThe neck pickup is a bit of a beast and probably aptly referred to as the “mud-bucker”.  The bridge pickup is quite useable as a neck pickups for custom built basses and there is a reasonable amount of flexibility on the winding available.  Both are powered by Alnico magnets.

Low impedance pickups for bass guitars with active circuitry are also available.